/ Talks, workshops & visiting lectures

I have written and ran workshops, gave talks, mentored artists and students and been a visiting lecturer at Colleges and Universitys since 2010 including:
Regents University London, Brighton University, Inseecc London,
Vienna University Austria, and The Netherlands FIlm Academy Amsterdam

Presenting at digital, media, film, VR, music festivals and events on a variety of topics within the creative content, design, VR/AR, realtime video mapping and motion graphic/broadcast TV industries.

With over 25 years of realworld experience we provide
a series of hands on in-depth bespoke workshops, courses and visiting lectures aimed at students, animators, art-directors, filmakers, directors, designers, editors, musicians, writers and creatives who need access to emerging new digital technologies with a hands on realworld creative working in the industry.


/ Design, Motion Graphic, VR Workshops/lectures include:

Trendspotting in digital culture for use in advertising, promotion and content creation for brands.

_Design, content creation and production workflow techniques for film, TV, broadcast graphics and motion graphics using After Effects, Cinema 4D, Premier, Illustrator and Photoshop.

_Design, content creation and production workflow techniques for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality work using Unity, Adobe CC and Cinema 4D and humanoid motion capture with 3d models.

_Design, content creation and production workflow techniques for 360 video Virtual Reality work using Unity, Adobe After effects, Premier and Cinema 4D.

_Emerging trends in film, TV, and HMD content creation and prodcution.

_Utilising games engines as realtime, 3D compositing engines for film and animation.

_Narrative and interactive Story telling in transmedia/XR/VR/AR creative work for stage and installations.

/ Audio Visual performance, AV/VJ and Video mapping lectures include:

Initially starting out as a VHS video artist for record labels and music festivals in the early 1990's, now evolving through to realtime projection mapping and AV performances using all forms of digital content creation software and hardware. I use my experience to run workshops andgive lectures to students, musicians and artists.

_ Design, content creation and production workflow techniques for realtime video performances with music for stage and screen.
A history of Visual Music and it's current iterations and directions.
Content creation for realtime AV and VJ performances with video mapping using software like Mad Mapper, Resolume Arena, After Effects, Max MSP/Jitter and VDMX.

_Creative content production for screen/stage/theatre/events and installations, including emerging realtime video mapping and projection techniques for events+theatre.

_Utilising games engines like Unity for realtime audio visual content creation and live performance.


Film Festival Presentations

/ amoeba.Iluminatus trilogy VR/TV presentation

After obtaining the script option for the best selling novels from the 1970's called The Illimunatus Trilogy for use in VR/AR and TV.

Presenting the VR experiences and talking about our strategy to get our TV show made at The Rotterdam International Film Festival in 2017/2018,
VR Europe
2017/2018, VR Days Amsterdam 2016 and Red Stick Games Symposium, Baton Rouge Louisiana 2018

Since showing the Illuminatus VR/AR demo at these events we are now creating a full length interactive, character based narrative experience.
Using a bespoke face capture APP to capture the actors facial performance direct where it is composed onto the character as we capture the traditional body motion capture.